Who will help in the treatment of scoliosis

Who shall I turn for advice to and when it should happen?

If you notice any of the symptoms described above even to a slight extent, we suggest consulting a physiotherapist specialising in treatment of scoliosis. If the symptoms are explicit an orthopaedist who specialises in scoliosis must be consulted. The doctor should order a X-ray photo of the whole spine in standing position, in A-P and laterally projection . If the picture reveals the curve of 10° to 25°, it is enough to see a physiotherapist in order to select appropriate exercises for a specific curvature of the spine and changes that are on the child’s trunk. If the picture reveals the curve of more than 25° or 30°, in addition to special exercises, treatment with a Cheneau brace should be added. We need to have such a brace prescribed by a physiotherapist or an orthopaedist.

Scoliosis over 55° should be operated.

If the curve is below 10°, it is commonly recognized as being within the norm and it is enough to work out those muscles which hold and stabilize the spine in the proper position. Additionally it is important for a child to be instructed how to sit properly both at school and at home. Such slight curves should be controlled systematically every three months.

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