FITS Method

FITS Method

Functional Individual Therapy of Scoliosis

FITS Method was created in 2004 by Marianna Białek PT, PhD and Andrzej
M’hango PT, MSc, D.O. for needs of therapy of children with postural disorders, scoliosis and Scheuermann’s disease.

The FITS Method has a coherent concept, taking into account the principles of myofascial dysbalance treatment. Therapy begins with improved proprioception, relaxation of shorth, tight hypertonic muscles, then strengthening of weak muscles, to obtain the best conditions for the implementation of corrective patterns and autocorrecting the posture .

The FITS Method consists of three main stages of correction:

Stage I: Examination of patient using classical clinical assessment but also in terms of using FITS approach. Education of patient to help him become aware of his/her deformity.

Stage II: Preparation for correction: sensory motor balance training, detection and elimination of myofascial tension, which restricts three-plane corrective movements.

Stage III: Three-dimensional correction, building, and stabilization of corrective patterns in open, closed biokinematic chains and functional positions.

In 2011 FITS Method got a recommendation of SOSORT (Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment) as PSSE – Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercises. Our method is one of 7 Methods in the world that have received this recommendation.

Key, innovative aspects of the FITS method include, among others :

  • Make the child aware of existing deformation of the spine and the trunk. Psychological aspect – the child is a partner, not a subject of therapy.
  • Sensory motor balance training to improve nervous system control over the muscles function.
  • Examination of the ability of active and passive corrective movement.
  • Releasing myofascial structures which limit three-plane corrective movement.
  • Primary curve correction by creating functional compensation.
  • Building and stabilization of corrective movement patterns in open, closed biokinematic chains and functional positions .


“Complex diagnostics and therapy of postural defects, Scheuermann’s disease and scoliosis according to FITS Method” – for physiotherapists.
Master Course “Fascial and visceral techniques used in patients with chest defects” – for certified FITS Method therapists.

“Diagnosis of posture defects, scoliosis, Scheuermann disease and chest defects according to the FITS Method” – for medical doctors.
Training according to the FITS Method is conducted in Poland as well as abroad. During 15 years, trainings for physiotherapists and medical doctors from Poland, Russia, Germany, France, Turkey and the USA were conducted – 1284 people were trained. In addition, a group of therapists was trained in South Korea (Seoul) and China (Shenzen).

The FITS method has been presented at many conferences in Poland, including:

  • Forum of Scoliosis Practitioners in Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw,
  • Rehabilitation fairs – Łódź,
  • Scientific and Training Conference of Polish Society of Physiotherapy, Wrocław
  • IV Symposium of Foundation „Promyk Słońca” – „Motor system dysfunction in children” applying and combining methods in complex medical rehabilitation, Wrocław,
  • International Day of Physiotherapy, University of Medical Sciences in Poznań,
  • I Scientific and Training Conference „Spinal Dysfunction as 21st century social problem” Kowary,
  • Nationwide Scientific Conference of Manual Therapy Association in Holistic Model, Poznań-Sierosław,
  • International Days of People with Disabilities, Zgorzelec,
  • Nationwide Scientific and Training Conference „Modern Physiotherapy after Surgery” Busko-Zdrój,
  • XXVII Scientific and Training Conference for Orthopeadists of Polish Army, Szczyrk.

Abroad the method was presented in :

  • SOSORT 2007 – Boston,
  • SOSORT 2008 – Athens,
  • SOSORT 2009 – Lyon,
  • SOSORT 2011 – Barcelona,
  • SOSORT 2012 – Milan,
  • SOSORT 2014 – Wiesbaden,
  • SOSORT 2018 – Dubrovnik,
  • 1st International Conference on Scoliosis Management 2019 – Istambul,
  • SOSORT 2019 – San Francisco .


80 rehabilitation stays were carried out to the end of 2019 (37 2-week stays, and 43 1-week stays). 1526 participants from Poland, Ireland, England, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Libya, Portugal, France, USA and Guadeloup took advantage of the stays.
The FITS method is constantly evolving and improving, thus helping children with idiopathic scoliosis to improve their clinical figure, stop the progression of scoliosis and in many cases reduce the Cobb angle .

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