Rehabilitation stays

Rehabilitation stays

5-day rehabilitation stays with parents

5-day rehabilitation stays with parents – they include 3 hours of exercise every day (individual therapy and group exercises tailored to each child under the control of physiotherapists).

We perform a number of tests during the stay:

  • digital photos of the child’s body posture before and after the stay so that at the end you can compare and see the effects of therapy,
  • clinical examination of body posture,
  • we prepare full medical documentation.

Parents can record exercises that their children should do at home. We thoroughly discuss the child’s body posture and give detailed information about the orthopedic brace. The purpose of the stay is to make the parents and child aware of the type of scoliosis, how to do home exercises, which should be particularly noted, how the child should maintain his figure in everyday activities. After the stay, the child can exercise at home under the guidance of a parent and once a month come for control and individual therapy to a FITS Method physiotherapist.


Hotel Magnolia, ul. Kuziennicza 14, 59-400 Jawor

The organizer: Marianna Białek, PT, PhD

The cost is PLN 2400,00

Additional costs: travel, accommodation and food.


  • 31-01-04.02.2022
  • 21.02-25.02.2022
  • 04.04-08.04.2022

Enrollment: complete the application form and then you will receive all information by email from Marianna Białek PhD, PT

Application form:


Terapeuta Plus S.C., ul. Romualda 3, 25-322 Kielce.
The organizer Andrzej M’hango PT, MSc. D.O.

The cost is PLN 2000,00

Additional costs: travel, accommodation and food.


  • 26-30.07.2021
  • 02-06.08.2021

Detailed information and application form at:

14-day rehabilitation stays

14-day rehabilitation stays – conducted once a year in the first half of July in Szklarska Poręba, organized by Marianna Białek PhD, PT

  • Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent / guardian.
  • From the age of 10 children / teenagers are going for the stay without their parents – we provide care educators.
  • Possibility of co-financing from PFRON.
  • The therapy from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks consists of: morning gymnastics, 45-minute individual therapy with a physiotherapist, gym exercises and group gymnastics under the control of physiotherapists. 4 hours exercises daily .
  • Children and teenagers taking part in the camp for the first time have group classes with a psychologist, 1 hour every day from Monday to Friday .
  • In the afternoon and evening classes with educators are planned.
  • There are no exercises during the weekend in the middle of the camp – trips and classes with tutors are planned.
  • At the beginning of the stay, we perform a child’s clinical examination . In addition, we take digital pictures of body posture that are discussed with the child during the stay. All these tests are repeated at the end of the stay for comparison. Parents receive full electronic documentation of the stay with further recommendations – the recommended home exercises are also recorded.

During the stay all children are consulted by the orthopedist prof. PhD, MD Tomasz Kotwicki – Head of the Clinic of Spinal Diseases and Pediatric Orthopedics in Poznań. People who wear a brace receive further recommendations (whether it is necessary to stick a pelota or cut a larger space for derotation breath , change the brace or when and how to put the brace away). Children who do not have a brace recommended are also consulted to determine further treatment and whether brace treatment is required.

The place: Hotel Europa – Górnicza Strzecha, ul. Wysoka 7, 58-580 Szklarska Poręba

Date 28.06-11.07.2020 r -> sign up

Cost of the stay (with accommodation and meals) – PLN 4600,00
Cost of the stay (with accommodation and meals) for parent/guardian – 2200,00zł

Application form:

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