How to treat scoliosis

How to treat scoliosis

Scoliosis can be treated both in our centers and on rehabilitation stays. We conduct therapy for scoliosis, posture defects and Scheuermann’s disease in our place of residence (Paszowice, Kielce) and during consultations in Warsaw. We organize 5-day rehabilitation stays during the year (Jawor and Kielce) and 14-day holidays (Szklarska Poręba).

Therapy in the office: We conduct an exact interview, watch an x-ray photo, measure the angle of curvatures, enter the parameters of the clinical examination (distance of the plumb line from the anal cleft, distance of the apex of scoliosis from the plumb line, distance of the lower angles of the scapulae from the plumb line, level of the shoulder blades, measurement of the ATR (size of the rib hump and/or lumbar prominence), measurement of kyphosis and lordosis. Next, we examine the length of the lower limbs and range of motion in the hips, knees and ankle joints. We examine the possibility of corrective scoliosis movement in the standing and sitting position, check and discuss the brace. We make the patient and parent aware of the likely course of scoliosis.

The next stage of visit is learning a child individually adjusted home exercises which parent can record. The visit ends with instruction how to sit properly and how scoliosis correction should be performed.

5-day rehabilitation stays with parents – they include 3 hours of exercise every day (individual therapy and group exercises tailored to each child under the control of physiotherapists). We perform digital photos of the child’s body posture before and after the stay so that at the end you can compare and see the effects of therapy. We make clinical examination of body posture at the beginning and end of stay, we prepare full medical documentation.
Parents can record exercises that their children should do at home. We thoroughly discuss the child’s body posture and give detailed information about the orthopedic brace.

14-day rehabilitation stays – conducted once a year in the first half of July in Szklarska Poręba.
.Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent / guardian.
From the age of 10 children / teenagers are going for the stay without their parents – we provide care educators. The therapy from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks consists of: morning gymnastics, 45-minute individual therapy with a physiotherapist, gym exercises and group gymnastics under the control of physiotherapists, 4 hours exercises daily .
Children and teenagers taking part in the camp for the first time have group classes with a psychologist, 1 hour every day from Monday to Friday . In the afternoon and evening classes with educators are planned. There are no exercises during the weekend in the middle of the camp – trips and classes with tutors are planned.
All examinations and documentation are carried out in the same way as for a 5-day stay.

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