Mgr Andrzej M'hango

1993-2003 - a basic course PNF method, exam development course of the validation method PNF PNF


1996-1997 - "Manual therapy in holistic model" A.Rakowski. A five-course exam completed

1997-1998 - "Diagnosis and treatment of backaches by McKenzie A, B, C, D"

1998 - Mobilizations nervous system - Zgorzelec

1999-2000 certification course of manual therapy in the Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education

1999-2002 - Manual therapy according to the concept Kaltenborn / Evjenth, Katowice, Warsaw

1999r. - Course in the field of "Education psychosomatic NLP"

2000. - Soft techniques in musculoskeletal dysfunction, Wroclaw

2000. - Method NDT Bobath for adults, Warsaw

2000-2004 r. "Soft tissue therapy" - a series of six training Jarosław Ciechomski, Krakow

2002-2003 r. - Brian Mulligan Concepts, MCTA-III grades Cracow

2002. - Method Cyriax, Krakow

2003. - The S-E-T Concept, Mielno

The title of the International Therapist method of PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

2004 r.- Integrated Soft Touch Techniques Trigger Points, Pain and Muscle Tone - Netherlands

2005 - Kinesiotaping